history & heritage

Located since 1947 at the heart of the European iron and steel basin, the ANDRIN family has developed an activity involving the repair and winding of electrical rotating and static machines.

In 1960, over 40 persons were providing electromechanical and electromagnetic maintenance services to industries in Lorraine with care and quality in mind. This was also a time of diversification.

Lifting electromagnets were built in a new production unit. ANDRIN was now ready to assume their position as manufacturers.

Since then, while managing their growth with expertise, new markets have been established, owing to the company's constant innovation and activity as manufacturer of magnetic separators. From their European base, ANDRIN is present on the wordwide steel market.

Having become one of the world leaders of industrial magnetism, a high level of know-how has been acquired from manufacturing, maintaining and repairing DC motors in all the traditional sectors : railways, metallurgy, rolling mills, paper mills, chemistry, mines, cement works...

The success of the company is due to three fundamental essentials :

  • Independence – ANDRIN is an independent company, family owned, and does not belong to any large industrial or financial group.
  • Autonomous production – all parts are manufactured in house.
  • Continuous development – our own in-house Research and Development department.

With ANDRIN, you have the assurance of quick and prompt assistance and support.

Our job / Construct and maintain electro magnets and magnetic separators of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Our vocation / Your satisfaction.


"Manage the present with experience from the past to build the future..."

Gilbert Andrin - Founder †

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